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How To Select Top And Best Engineering Colleges In Jaipur, Rajasthan

The inquiry comes up that how to select from top and best engineering college in Jaipur, Rajasthan when there are hundreds of engineering colleges in Rajasthan. In this article we will talk about a few of the characteristics of colleges which will assist you select the correct college to become graduate. There are assorted component while selecting a best engineering college to complete your graduation but always make sure some following components while selecting an engineering college:
College Location: Even if this component does not play an extremely significant part but if any college is close by any engineering, industrial or software centre then it could be somewhat helpful to you as much as your developed teaching, training and placements is concerned but maintain this component finally.

College Infrastructure: This one is the most considerable component while selecting best colleges in Jaipur Rajasthan. College Infrastructure does not only mean that first-class constructed classes or building. It means that whether a college has enough quantity of infrastructure according to its intake capability. It have as a features as classroom, administration offices, computer lab, workshop, science laboratories etc. During your graduation you required all these objects because you have to spent four year of your life, so keep in mind that your first inclination should be college infrastructure.

Faculty of College: including fine college infrastructure is not sufficient only. Later than having an adequate college infrastructure it is the faculty of college that make it valuable, else it will be a college without an educator. Always take care about college faculty including lecturers, professors, reader, lecturer, ratio of teachers and students, guest faculty and faculty teaching experience etc. A good faculty of college can make your career.
College Facilities: This is one more significant component that you have to keeps in mind. Facilities and services offered by college give support to you for the duration of your graduation period. It comprises Library, Internet, computer lab, intranet, hostels, boarding house, seminar hall, dispensary, lecture hall, gym and student associations etc.

Placements of College: Placements is the most significant component while selecting from best colleges in Jaipur Rajasthan. It not indicates that this component is the primary and final criteria to select an engineering college. Placements of a college calculate upon numerous components like its location, infrastructure, faculty, education, facilities, services supplied by college to their students, college grade, past presentation of the scholars in company, and individual talent, behaviour, personality, character and numerous further aspects. Make inquiries regarding preceding placement testimony of college according branch wise plus company wise. So be assuring about all the objects when you selecting any engineering college.

Extracurricular activities: This is furthermore one of the component that have to be occupied when you looking for best engineering colleges in Jaipur Rajasthan as this one is factual, because you have not to complete your graduation only but you have to endure in a comparable situation and that why u have to be present with a excellent qualities. Extracurricular activities are very imperative utility in your personality growth. So always be sure about additional activities which offered by college such as annual function, outdoor functions, parties, get to gather, sports activity, students club, seminars, development training, industry training, social or communal activities, NCC etc.

Now you thinking about where to get this deep information about top engineering colleges in Rajasthan, I will suggest you some tips – you can visit the college website, visit about us or college history web page, visit courses page, discuss with seniors, visit the college individually, and take help from counsellor.

Brown University In Rape & Extortion Scandal

A sealed civil case has been filed in federal court accusing the University, President Ruth Simmons, Provost David Kertzer 69 P95 P98, Senior Vice President for Corporation Affairs and Governance Russell Carey 91 MA06 and several other University employees of acts tantamount to criminality, false imprisonment, fraud and conspiracy to defraud, libel and 10 other counts of civil misconduct.

The claims stem from a September 2006 incident in which a former member of the class of 2010 was accused of raping a female student.

The female student and her father are accused in the complaint of extortion, fraud and conspiracy to defraud, libel and four other counts of civil misconduct. The Herald is withholding her name because she may have been the victim of a sex crime.

A complaint obtained by The Herald and filed in Rhode Island Superior Court last September on behalf of the plaintiffs William McCormick III and his parents alleges that pressure from University employees and the female students friends over several days led her to make a false accusation of rape against the plaintiff.

The complaint states that though an accusation of rape which can carry a sentence of up to life in prison in Rhode Island had been made, law enforcement officials were never notified of the matter.

This series of events has allegedly aggravated McCormicks preexisting seizure condition. He and his parents are seeking unspecified damages from the defendants.

McCormicks parents declined to comment and said their son could not be reached for comment.

The case was originally filed Sept. 4, 2009, in Rhode Island Superior Court, but according to a source familiar with the matter, the defendants removed it to the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island.

The source requested anonymity because there is an order from a federal judge sealing the case and the source was worried about potential legal consequences.

In an unusual move, the federal case, number 09-474-S, has been placed completely under seal. No publicly available record of that case, or the case originally filed in State Superior Court, number 09-5213, exists.

The complaint alleges that financial self-interest guided the Universitys handling of the incident because the female students father, an alum, has donated and raised very substantial sums of money for Brown.

It asserts that the University was desirous of keeping (the female student) content in the Brown community, causing it to disregard its own policies and the well-being of the plaintiff.

The plaintiffs allege that the female students father was in regular contact with the administration, including calling defendants Russell Carey and Ruth Simmons directly.

The complaint alleges that, under pressure from friends and University officials, the female student eventually escalated initial exaggerations and half-truths about her relationship with the plaintiff to a false allegation of rape.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff and the female student came to be on friendly terms during the first days of their freshman year. But friends of the female student allegedly referred to him as her stalker.

The roommate of the female student allegedly encouraged her to express her concerns about a creepy guy to their Residential Counselor a member of the class of 2009 though the female student did not provide McCormicks identity at that time. The RC allegedly then referred the matter to the Community Director on-call at the time.

The Community Director then referred the matter to Carla Hansen, associate dean of student life, who, according to the complaint, convinced the female student to meet with a special victims advocate at the Department of Public Safety.

Hansen, the advocate, and Director of Public Safety Mark Porter are all named as defendants in the case. In a phone interview with The Herald, Porter denied any knowledge of the case.

The complaint states that despite the female students resistance to pursuing the matter, she eventually acceded to pressure from University employees to divulge McCormicks name, an act which compelled her to file a written complaint.

McCormick was then served a no-contact order by Associate Dean of Student Life Terry Addison, according to the complaint, and in violation of Brown policies, he was not provided a copy of the complaint, nor was he told the substance of the allegations.

The plaintiffs allege that the female student felt that the Deans were yelling at her and pressing her to add to complaints about McCormick. Friends of the female student then allegedly confronted her and, despite her denials, concluded that she had been raped, according to the complaint.

The complaint states that the female student stated in a subsequent conversation with the friends and the Residential Counselor that she had been raped.

The female student and resident advisor then met with Jonah Ward, now senior associate dean for student life, and Richard Bova, now senior associate dean of residential and dining services, according to the complaint. The RC allegedly spoke on behalf of the female student at the meeting and wrote the University claim alleging rape on her behalf.

The complaint states that, in violation of its own policies, Brown accepted (the female students) new allegation of rape as true and refused to provide of a copy of the complaint to McCormick. Ward, Bova and the RC are all named as defendants in the case.

The complaint alleges that the plaintiff was detained unlawfully at the Office of Student Life for several hours the next day. The complaint states that McCormick then met with Carey, Ward, Addison and Margaret Klawunn, now vice president for campus life and student services, who collectively compelled him to leave campus. It states that Carey handed the student a one-way plane ticket home.

Klawunn, who is named as a defendant, declined to comment and said she had no knowledge of the matter.

After McCormicks return home, University officials allegedly actively interfered with his ability to expose the truth and exonerate himself, by obstructing his access to documents and witnesses, according to the complaint.

In an e-mail to The Herald, Marisa Quinn, vice president for public affairs and University relations, wrote, Matters related to students and former students are private and confidential.

Kertzer declined to comment in an e-mail to The Herald. Simmons, Carey, Bova, Ward, Hansen and Addison did not return requests for comment.

The complaint alleges that the female student and her father were complicit in extortion of the former student by threatening to accuse (McCormick) of a crime or other offense with the intent to compel him to sign an agreement to waive his rights and sacrifice his scholarship and Ivy League education.

J. Scott Kilpatrick, the Providence lawyer listed as the author of the complaint, acknowledged that he is the McCormicks attorney but said that, under the present circumstances, he could neither confirm nor deny the existence of any case.

According to the source familiar with the case, there will be some type of proceeding before District Judge William Smith at 11 a.m. Monday. Smiths calendar, posted on the district courts Web site, does not include an item at that time.

Canadian Second Career Students Benefit From Canadian 2010 Federal Budget

The popular Second Career program in Ontario has been given somewhat of a reprieve with the announcement that the Canadian Federal Government has committed to staying the course and will fulfill the three-year term in which the program was initially created (and intended) to run.

Second Career is an Ontario government initiative, started nearly two years ago (June 2008), designed to financially assist Employment Insurance recipients (E.I.) in obtaining an education in a new career field. Launched by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the program initially provided those who had been laid-off from their jobs (due to downsizing, closures, etc.) with a sizeable financial package designed to offset the major costs of tuition, living expenses, transportation and necessary textbooks.
While the program was supposed to have government funds available to cover the initial three-year term of the program, the popularity of the Second Career strategy proved to be overwhelming and potential crippling. The program burned through its initial three-year budget within the first 16 months.

This led to an immediate and very quiet moratorium placed on further awards within the program late in 2009. The official reason given for the award freeze was simply to give the Second Career Administrators a chance to eliminate the backlog, according to a Toronto Star interview with Ontarios Minister for Training, Colleges and Universities, John Milloy.

The recession of 2009, obviously, is a big reason why there was a backlog in the first place. Applications for the Second Career program skyrocketed once the criteria for eligibility had been modified to include those who had been laid off from a job as far back as 2005. Quite frankly, it was beyond our expectations, said Minister John Milloy in The Toronto Star.

But with the announcement of the Federal Budget on March 4, 2010 (and the expected approval from the Canadian House of Commons), potential students who had hoped to take advantage of this ground-breaking job-training and job-creation initiative can collectively breathe a sigh of relief at least in the long term.

While new students (who may not have had an opportunity due to the massive influx of qualified applicants) can now apply for the program and begin the process of being trained in a new career, there are several already pre-approved students who were adversely affected by the quiet moratorium late last year. Several dozen students, across a myriad of Ontario career colleges, had started attending classes during the Fall semesters at their respective schools only to languish in apprehension while awaiting final approval on their Second Career funding applications. The application and approval process was intended to only take six weeks: instead, a large percentage of applicants were forced to wait as much as six months before being notified if theyd been accepted into the program.

Some students had even enrolled in career college programs while their applications were still being processed, only to be informed (after nearly a semester of study had already passed) that they werent eligible for the program. Why? Simply because the Second Career Program isnt available to those who are already students (as quoted in The Toronto Star, March 1, 2010).

While Ontarios public (and relatively well-funded) college and university system will most likely never be at a loss for student enrolments, it is quite another matter for the provinces private career colleges. In Toronto alone, there has been a marked and noticeable influx of advertising, by competing private schools, for potential students. The transit systems in the Greater Toronto Area, from Brampton to Oshawa, are awash in various display ads all promising contemplative students a bright new future. Even the daily newspapers (the free publications as well as the major dailies) have become somewhat saturated on a day-to-day basis with career ads that do little more than alert the general public to a particular career colleges existence. Undoubtedly, many of those awaiting approval on their Second Career applications enrolled in, and were pre-approved for study at, some of these advertised schools and well before a final decision was tendered to them by the Ministry.

One private career college in Mississauga, BizTech Institute, made a somewhat risky decision to not pre-approve students and allow them to start taking classes until all of their Second Career paperwork and funding was in order. The brain-trust at BizTech Institute felt it would be better for the career college (and for the students, for that matter) if they resisted the rush to fill their classrooms immediately by accepting not-yet-approved and fully-funded Second Career students. By doing so, BizTech Institute avoided the embarrassment of having to inform some of these students that they would not be permitted to continue, due to non-payment of tuition fees.

The decision appears to have been the right one for BizTech Institute. The Federal Budget announcement from Parliament on March 4th, 2010, was timely for the growing school. The career college has just finished major construction on a brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Mississauga, part of their efforts to provide a top-level education to each of their students. Now, BizTech Institute is fully and better prepared to accept those approved Second Career students, and has the ability to offer them career training in a variety of disciplines (Business Administration, Healthcare and Information Technology) without having to face the prospect of informing them that they may be forced to discontinue their studies due to cut-backs or backlogs.

We did the right thing, a BizTech Institute spokesperson said, who declined to be identified. Were in a far better position to accept qualified and fully-supported Second Career students, now. Our school came through this budgetary mess with absolute honour.

Other career colleges including the bigger and more well-known public ones still may face a backlash from angry students who have already been informed they must drop out of school, due to the aforementioned Catch-22 within the Second Career program enrolment rules. While the announced planned continuation and fulfillment of the Second Career program by the Federal government is a welcome relief to colleges and potential students alike, it wont solve the immediate crisis involving those students who were accepted into studies prior to there being a firm commitment in place (from the Second Career program).

It also wont alleviate the backlog of temporarily suspended previous applications. Some 8,000 new potential enrolments were created when the Second Career program received an injection of much-needed funds from the Government. Of those, and according to The Toronto Star, 6,000 of those spots have already been filled and accounted for.

However, at least the Second Career program is alive and well after the Federal Budget announcement, and more people now are going to have a very real opportunity to soar to new heights and achieve great success in a new career.

Why Study International Business Management

Graduates or existing professionals who wish to enhance their understanding of global markets, in order to build careers with multi-national organizations or work in another countries should strongly consider at least a certification course in international business management.

Boundaries are disappearing. All thanks to information and internet technologies, growing distribution networks and intricate supply chains. The whole world is a market and businesses have customers around the world. Businesses, in some or other way, are impacted by international influences. Language, culture, interests, political systems, economic situations and social factors influence a companys business and its policies and business practices.

Employers are constantly looking for professionals who have in-depth understanding of global economic and business practices and are prepared for any facet of the business world. They must possess a thorough understanding of the impact that culture has on the economy of a country.

Apart from this, they are expected to possess strong communication, interpersonal, critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills. They must also be able to use computer and internet technology.

Studying International Business Management

A post-graduate certification program in international business provides graduates or existing professionals with specialized career expertise, technical knowledge and skills, as well as practical experience, allowing them to start or further their careers. They will study specialized international business courses in finance, marketing, law, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.

This specialized course includes tough real business case studies of the best companies of the world and helping them understand how diverse countries work together and how companies operate in different regions. They also discover the impact of culture on economy and business practices.

Program Content

Students of this program are prepared for the challenges of todays complex global business environment. They study a wide range of subjects, including business communications, international banking and finance, global logistics, international entrepreneurship, global business research and analysis, international business law, comparative geopolitical systems, corporate social responsibility, international business development and international marketing.

The program makes an extensive use of case studies, project-based learning and simulations and focuses on developing skills in project management, report writing, team work, communication and presentation. In addition, the experiential learning opportunity provides them with hands-on experience working in a real world business setting. They get a chance to apply their learning into practice and gain relevant industry contacts.

Available Career Paths

The international business management program leads graduates to diverse career paths. They may work as customs brokers, export/import coordinators, trade representatives, foreign investment and risk analysts, logistics support assistants, commercial bank officers, foreign investment and risk analysts, international marketing representatives or international development assistants with organizations operating across various industries.

Graduates also have an opportunity to continue their studies by applying their academic credits towards a Masters degree with university partners. This will help them upgrade their knowledge and skills in international business and avail more advanced career opportunities.

Program Eligibility

In order to apply to this program, individuals will need:

=> Three-year college diploma or university degree in any discipline
=> Proof of English proficiency

Those who have completed partial university degree or college diploma can also apply to this program. However, for this, they will need at least two years of work experience relevant to this program.

How To Buy A Fake College Degree

Online colleges had made it easier for individuals to finish their studies in a hassle free way without even visiting the classroom, meeting deadlines or participating in lectures. But, pursuing an online degree does not save you from submitting assignments or giving exams. You have to spend decent amount of time to get good scores in the examinations.
When applying for an online degree, you need to have certain amount of discipline in life so that you are able to finish studies. One should always make up his/her mind about why he/she wants to get an online degree. There might be reasons like getting a higher position or learning more, for which you have opted for the degree. Self-discipline and motivation are two keys for successfully earning an online degree.
In case you want a degree for show-off, fake diploma is another option.
There are a few printing services providers who create fake transcripts for any degree or course the client wants add in the CV. The degrees are made on premium quality paper and designed in such a way that they appear to be Xerox of the original degree.
When you are buying such a degree, it is always safe to do a fake diploma review so that you dont end up in any problem later on. In case you want a fake degree of a particular university, cross-check the details of the logo made on the degree. It should very well match with what is printed on the original university degree.
Many universities prefer to use a particular kind of paper for printing degrees and your fake degree maker should be aware of the type of paper used. This will give 100% authentic look to the paper.
In case you are still not convinced then it is better to pursue an online degree or course, because knowledge somewhere & somehow gets utilized.
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